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An emptiness dwelling deep;
A soft comfort, a semblance of peace.
A raindrop followed by many;
A sorrow not of plenty.
A gracefulness yet derelict,
A destination unerringly picked.
A story untold to fit...
A life that once had lived.
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In falsehood do we find truth;
In lies do we take solace.
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Contemplation Two
Life is but a brief flutter of time,
I am but the moment that's mine.
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A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words...
"A picture speaks a thousand words" but the words are oft lost to interpretation.
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In the night lost at broiling sea
Dark waters rolling deaf to urgent pleas
Turning desperately to the lee
Troubled by what you may see
Banners flailing against the storm
Mind in turmoil as thoughts are torn
You peer upon the water's edge
To the heavens your life do pledge
Then staring into the distance far
You see a light flickering like a star
Fortunes frown for your hope is marred
By jagged blades beneath the surface scarred
The very integrity of your hull
Wounded as it struggles against Gravity's pull
You gaze out feebly from the mast
As visions fly by of your past
The deck groans as it finally spreads its wings
To make its descent into darkness with its King
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I once was a hare but no one even cared,
Now I'm a bunny and it's not even funny.
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The Tory Warchant
Vote leave the EU!
Vote leave the EU!
We're on a war path
'though we are few!
Vote leave the EU!
Vote leave the EU!
Show some respect,
Respect the solitude!
Vote leave the EU!
Vote leave the EU!
Obama disowned us
But we are England new!
Vote leave the EU!
Vote leave the EU!
We've gangked our own...
And we may gangk you too!
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Now you see me now you don't,
Now you live on now you won't.
I am the presence you shall fear,
I am the whisper in your very tears.
I am the shadow behind Time itself,
I am the frost that Death has felt.
I am the balance yet not divine,
I am the peril when not all was fine.
I am the darkness when you're undone,
I am the master of the Great Old Ones.
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Origami Swan Lake By thehiddeni by thehiddeni Origami Swan Lake By thehiddeni :iconthehiddeni:thehiddeni 0 0
Contemplation one
It is more oftentimes than not that one must first climb onto the shoulders of a giant in order to reach higher than the colossus itself.
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Ten Thousand Cuts
Ten thousand cuts you've made me feel...
Ten thousand cuts these wounds are real...
Ten thousand cuts this much I know...
Ten thousand cuts to you I owe...
Ten thousand cuts notwithstanding...
Ten thousand cuts the pain is never-ending...
Ten thousand cuts you've made me feel...
Ten thousand cuts they never heal.
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I Once Saw A Man
I once saw a man with a wearied face,
He gazed upon me with sorrowed grace.
His head was bowed as if to pray,
Crowned with black and strands of grey.
His eyes were strewn with many lines,
Fatigue dwelling within those confines.
His back bent forth like a waning moon,
Cowering from the sun of the afternoon.
His gaze lingered one last time
Before he faded within the lines...
I once saw a man with a wearied face,
Then he vanished without a trace...
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An Expression Of Love
Strum my heartstrings like a harp;
Hear me resonate like Orpheus' Lyre.
I wish our melodies will never part,
And from one another our eyes never tire.
For you are the snowdrop in the rain,
You are the barley upon rich soils lain,
You are the warmth from the summer sun,
You are the rosebud from which love was sprung.
May our passion burn ever bright
And lead us through the wintry nights,
So upon the daybreak I may see
These hands still belong to you and me.
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A Romantic Nightmare
In the realm of dreams…
Hope was born,
A light that glimmered
Above a dark world torn.
And in this light
Emerged a lady fair
With a complexion of pearl
And gold ethereal hair.
But as I reached out
To her radiant glow,
Her beckoning smile faded
As she turned to go.
Now I am left stranded,
My heart in tears.
For as she departed,
So died my dwindling hope… I fear…
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Once Upon A Time
In periods of bygone days,
Warriors were raised in warrior ways,
Their spirits steadfast void of fears,
Their sacrifice brought down many tears.
In the raging war they fought,
Brothers in arms without a doubt.
They charged towards the bristling spears,
The warriors strong but in numbers mere.
One by one the battles were won,
But the surviving heroes were near to none;
No trumpets were sounded, no drums were beat,
Their spirits were silenced with sound defeat.
Countless men were wounded and killed
Upon those bloodstained battlefields.
Warriors strong and warriors true,
Their unfortunate deaths left many to rue.
Their sacrifice was not for naught,
For the barbarous tribes a lesson was taught.
These were peace loving men before,
But all warriors rise in the midst of war.
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Battle In The Sky
It was a tranquil day one early morn
Under a cloudless sky until the sound of the horn.
For then up soared flocks of feather plumed steel
Descending upon those whom did feel.
Next came the black smoke plaguing the sky,
Like venom coursing through the air now dry.
These tendrils danced in the wake of the sun,
Savouring it until there was none.
As days passed by, the black curtains were drawn.
Winged messengers circled, upon the cold winds borne.
Then they descended black sickles bared,
Intent on reaping those for whom poor fortune had fared.
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Help me by kate1022 Help me :iconkate1022:kate1022 144 41
The Ballad of Serenity
A nightingale in a birch nearby,
sang a song that made her cry.
"Another note and I shall die!"
Her threat was met with no reply.
And so she rested by the stream,
and heard the crickets softly dream.
She watched the cattails kiss the stars,
believing heaven not so far.
"And here is where I shall be free,"
whispered fair Serenity.
The orphaned child, the strange young girl
born into an ancient world.
No elegance or skill had she
but the ballad, of Serenity.
She was cursed with just one song:
a ballad haunting, soft and long.
The words were never hers to hear,
but danced always beyond her ear.
On harp, flute, lyre she wiled away,
the notes that only she could play.
Yet she grew tried of just one song
and ran away before too long,
into a wood with stream of gold
where rumored lived the bards of old.
She found the caves of deepest blue
and told them, "I have searched for you."
Serenity the bards admired.
They gave to her the sacred lyre,
which bound her soul between its strings,
to find th
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 159 253
Get Em Boy..or not by sakimichan Get Em Boy..or not :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,008 439 Ahri by sakimichan Ahri :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 26,903 849 Orphan by sakimichan Orphan :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 26,412 836 Lady of the earth by sakimichan Lady of the earth :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,250 477 Princess Mononoke (Prints for sale) by sakimichan Princess Mononoke (Prints for sale) :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 94,335 5,989 The grey dress by sakimichan The grey dress :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 37,306 1,734
Surrounded by darkness, seeped in cold
I see a light break through, the color of gold.
It burns my eyes, yet warms my soul.
Within its presence, I feel slightly whole.
The wholeness leaves, the light fades away
I'm left in the darkness, here I must stay.
My heart won't break, because it was broken before
The few pieces left, are here on the floor.
As I sit in the darkness, my thoughts are free
I wonder who I am, who I used to be.
I have been here so long, I don't know my name
The darkness swallowed it, I have no claim.
Surrounded by darkness, seeped in cold
I see a light break through, the color of gold.
:iconuntamedhand:untamedhand 2 10
The real Violetta by Hart-Worx The real Violetta :iconhart-worx:Hart-Worx 386 12
Yes, I Have a Penis
Yes, I Have A Penis
Do not assume (if I hold the door for you),
that I am making a statement
about your inabilities
to open the door for yourself.
If you hold it for me,
I'll say 'thankyou'.
Do not assume (if I pay for the meal),
that I am underestimating
your earning capacity
as a woman.
If you invite me out for a meal,
you're paying.
Do not assume (if I defend your rights),
that I am belittling
the attempts that you have made
to defend your rights yourself.
If you defend my rights,
I'll consider you human.
:iconsuperiorflowerpower:Superiorflowerpower 12,591 5,270
Little Boy Bleeding
Little Boy Bleeding
There once was a boy who lived without joy,
His friends called him 'Little Boy Bleeding',
When they'd go to the park he'd sit home in the dark,
Under a red light, reading.
'What's he reading?' They'd ask as he embarked on his task,
And he'd say, 'Guys my heart needs feeding.
I sit in my flat to see where I'm at,
'Cos sometimes my feelings need heeding.'
But what was he reading, this Little Boy Bleeding,
Was it Shakespeare, Shelley or Poe?
And what was he heeding while his heart was feeding,
Keenan, Yorke or Simone?
The medium he took was alas not a book,
Or a poem or play now we know,
For slowly we learned that while his heart burned,
He ingested the purest emo.
Whenever his friends tried making amends,
Or ever called him on the phone,
He'd always reply in tones somewhat shy,
'I'm alright, leave me alone.
Seriously guys, no need to advise,
Please, just leave me alone?'
Listening to sadness and songs which brought madness,
He even wrote one of his own:
"Why cannot yo
:iconsuperiorflowerpower:Superiorflowerpower 69 26
Uncle Sir
Uncle Sir...
Once the boy said to the man
On a hot summer's day,
"Uncle will you tell me please,
Why can't I go play?
The other boys all laugh outside,
And all are having fun,
Why must I sit here with you,
As they play in the sun?"
Staring daggers at his child,
The man's eyes grew from calm to wild,
And as he stroked the poor boy's head,
The man looked at the boy and said,
"I'm the one to hold you tight,
The one to make your world all right,
No matter who you search to see,
The only one for you is me."
"Yes Uncle Sir I know you're right,
But don't you think that they,
Might not truly be that bad,
Maybe they want to play?"
Reaching for the young boy's hand,
The man observed him briefly and
(forcing the boy to welcome his speech),
Holding him tight he started to preach:
"They are the ones who want you dead,
The ones with evil in their heads,
Their sole intent is to abuse you,
To bite you, scratch you, and to bruise you.
They are the ones who'll make you hurt,
But don't you try to stay al
:iconsuperiorflowerpower:Superiorflowerpower 51 17
Aranel IV by Walsingfolk
Mature content
Aranel IV :iconwalsingfolk:Walsingfolk 69 7
Passion, Innocence and Death by FrancoisDeWynter Passion, Innocence and Death :iconfrancoisdewynter:FrancoisDeWynter 8 16 Chair by ulorinvex
Mature content
Chair :iconulorinvex:ulorinvex 1,206 144


Changjiang Zhang
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